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Accelerating Clinical Nursing Development


Innovative workforce development platforms designed for the next generation of nurses.

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Train Your Staff

Easy-to-use mobile applications provide instant assistance with Clinical Judgement and problem solving. Reducing stress improves nurse retention. NexGen can help! 

Enhance Preceptor Training

Standardize the onboarding process by referencing common content and teaching Clinical Judgement skills. Include hospital/unit specific policies and procedures.

Customize Your Content

Evidence-based practice drives care at the bedside. Give your staff the education they demand in real time. Our products are customizable and deploy instantly.

Retain Your Staff

Retaining nursing staff is crucial for hospitals to ensure high-quality patient care, maintain operational efficiency, and reduce costs associated with high turnover rates.

Data show that up to 30% of nurses leave their job in the first year, with 56% leaving by year two. This costs hospitals, on average, up to $6 million per year. Nurse turnover also exacerbates the nursing shortage, negatively impacting health access and equity for patients. Nurses state the primary reasons for turnover include stress, trouble prioritizing work, and feeling poorly prepared to do their jobs.

At NexGen Clinical Education, we have created a team of nurses and healthcare providers that are dedicated to creating solutions to these problems. As technology is utilized more and more at the patient bedside, our innovative products reduce nurse stress and enhance training, allowing organization to ATTRACT, TRAIN, and RETAIN their nurses. Together, we can keep nurses at the bedside for a career and not just a year.


Become an experienced nurse FASTER!

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Are you ready to accelerate clinical nursing development?

Schedule a meeting with us so we can assess your staff’s needs and recommend a course of action.

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